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Multi Cultural Wedding at the South Florida Museum.

Multi Cultural Wedding at the South Florida Museum.
Talk about an exciting and diverse wedding and reception, well Dan and Jen F.'s was just that! This was a great event that took place at the historic South Florida Museum courtyard. The prelude to the ceremony was a collection of beautiful classical guitar and violin selections leading up to a gorgeous arrangement of "Waltz for Debby" by Bill Evans. In the consultation, the bride to be asked me to select something with her father in mind (an accomplished pianist) and I immediatly thought of this gem. It was a hit, stirring emotion even during our meeting.

Now crossing the Atlantic, she chose a celtic standard for the meditation and an upbeat Rumba Flamenco origional composition for the recessional. The cocktail hour was a Hot Club of France vibe while the guitarist and I were joined by our favorite rhythm section. After dinner we got the crowd dancing with a mix of Latin Jazz and even some bluegrass. They had requested some music of the Isles as there was family from Ireland and Scottland, so for the grand finale we had a brilliant bagpiper do the send off! What a great night and another well planned success!

Keven A.